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What Is Sonic Reply?

How Your Subscribers Benefit...

Sonic Reply is a complete help desk system built on WordPress.  Our Sonic Reply plugin allows your customers to easily submit support tickets.  But the REAL magic happens behind the scenes.  Check out these features:

  • Automatic Ticket Routing - Create customized routing rules based on the ticket type or department.
  • Email Piping - Reply directly to tickets and the thread is automatically maintained in the system.
  • Auto Close - Close tickets after X days of no response.
  • Authority Site - Since it's a WordPress plugin, you can use any theme you want and match your authority site.
  • Simplified Setup - Automatically creates all the pages required for ticket workflow.
  • Awesome Dashboard - track vital queue metrics to monitor, manage and improve support staff performance, ticket response times, and ticket cycle times.
  • Queue Health - Stay on top of every ticket in your queue and know exactly where each ticket is!

Sonic Reply Makes Answering Support Tickets Almost Fun 🙂

Sonic Reply Dashboard Demo Video

The Sales Funnel

How You Benefit...

The front end provides 3 purchase options ranging from $27 through $67.

The first upsell is our MemberSonic theme (perfect for customizing and creating a minimalistic/efficient looking support desk).

The second upsell is "Rockstar Results" - a training course that also includes a live private interview with the customer service rockstar himself... Jason Fladlien.

Can't Forget About The Sales Copy, Right?

The Sales Copy was written by none other than Mike Shreeve from so you know it's going to convert like crazy.

Preview The Sales Copy Here

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